The time has finally arrived!!! I know many of you have been waiting patiently for the release of this song. Many of you heard it in its earliest stages, and some of you know that I went out to California to record it last year. The song is included in one of the scenes in my friend Jeff Hammer’s movie, To Live Or Die In La Honda, and I have been waiting for the premiere of the movie to release the final track to the public. Well, Sunday I am flying out to L.A. for the premiere of the movie in the Film Invasion LA festival Sunday night. I am so excited!!! That means Monday you will be able to purchase a digital download off CD Baby, iTunes, or wherever you download your music from. It should also be available on streaming services next week. Or, if you prefer, you can meet up with me in a couple weeks for a free download with your purchase of some customized flasks similar to the one in the picture. The song features none other than my brother, Matthew Strachota, on electric guitar and bass, Aaron Brownwood on dobro, Jeffrey Lee Hawthorne on drums, Daniel Crawford on percussion as well as production, engineering, and mastering, and of course, yours truly on vocals and acoustic guitar. Follow the links below to keep up with the movie — the more success the movie has, the more people hear my music! Plus I’ve been friends with Jeff since the sixth grade. And I left you a little tease of the song at the bottom. Cheers!

Live Or Die In La Honda Official Website

LODILH Facebook Page



CD Baby Mandi Strachota artist page