I pushed and I pushed

But I never expected you to turn around and shove

We lie to ourselves cuz we don’t wanna own it

When we hurt the ones we love

Time after time I’m trying to unravel

The emotions I’ve mixed up

But the words won’t come undone

I think I’m ready to run


The tears I swallowed keep coming back up

And the fear’s stuck in my throat

Memories keep coming up hollow

But the soundtrack still plays on

And day after day I’m trying to remember

Why it is I’m holding on

But the pictures bleed as one

I think I’m ready to run


I can’t keep standing

In the rain

And I can’t keep drowning

In my pain

The quicksand is quickly pulling

Down my frame

The hourglass is running out of sand


Asking for change while holding on

To countless used to be’s

Happy to be held captive cuz we’re

Scared of choosing free

But I don’t wanna live my life

As an alternate for me

I think it’s time for us to come undone

I think I’m ready to run