Sometimes I feel you tremble in the night

Don’t wanna sneeze cuz I’ll wake you

Don’t wanna interrupt your flight

And I wonder who you’re running from

Or is it different, are you chasing someone

But when I ask, you won’t tell me

You can’t seem to speak

Or is it you don’t remember all your dreams


Sleep, sleep now, my sweet dream


Watch you sleep and I wonder

What can I do to ease your mind

So many fears you’ve invented

And worries to leave behind

And I wanna tell you

I won’t let them get to you

But would I, could I be able

To keep that promise true

I can’t lie, but I do anyway

Brush your hair back when I say

I won’t ever let them take your love away


Sleep, sleep in peace, my sweet dream


Rest your eyes, there ain’t no trouble that grave

Stop your shivering, you’re safe

You can use some of my brave

But don’t let your imagination cloud your way


Sleep, sleep now, sleep in peace, my sweet dream