Hey y’all!!!! It has been way too long since we have been in touch. Just wanted to check in and let you know some things that have been going on. Things have been busy as usual, with playing in multiple bands, petsitting, and bartending. Here’s what’s coming up.


First of all, I’d like to share that I recently worked on a new project with Danny ‘Mudcat’ Dudeck, which is now available for purchase on Bandcamp. Danny is in his usual genius writing zone, but with a bit of urgency as the threat of throat cancer lingers near. As usual, the songs are in tune with the earth and the universe, and preach for an understanding and compromise in this crazy world. You can find the new album here https://mudcat.bandcamp.com/album/flight-school?fbclid=IwAR1b8M-1AIQyaFzX7zfk64DWSaKoPjkkoPBTEonDtzfLilkrqV71f1LcXRw


Also, super exciting, Wasted Potential has finally organized its first southeastern tour. We’ll be traveling to TN, LA, FL, GA, and SC. If you’re in any of those cities or know anyone in any of those cities, PLEASE spread the word. We are hoping this tour will be a success and bring on many more tours to follow. There’s also still a couple cities where we are looking for lodging, so if you like to drink beer in the middle of the night with a bunch of hopeless romantics, now is your opportunity. But for real, come see us, and TELL YOUR FRIENDS.

Wasted Potential Website


OK. So what else is going on? Well, this Friday Mandi Strachota & the Major 7s will be at the Distillery of Modern Art in Chamblee from 7-10. It’s been awhile since we’ve had a full band gig and we are very much looking forward to hitting y’all with some Mandi Strachota originals, as well as welcoming Cindy Adler on bass. The Distillery of Modern Art is located at 2197 Irvindale Way, Chamblee, GA 30341 and the music is FREE. Check out some local spirits and local art while you’re there.

Distillery of Modern Art Website


Saturday, 5/20, is a marathon for Wasted Potential. You can find us at Dixie Q after the race in Brookhaven in the morning, or at The Society Garden for Mimosa Fest in Macon around 1 pm, or at our staple appearance at the Atlanta Beltline Parade Saturday night. Sunday, 5/21, we’ll be playing the annual LSU alum party at Park Tavern, and then… TOUR!!!! We are so excited. We end the tour with a wedding party in Kirkwood 6/10 for my boss and his lovely partner.

Saturday, 6/17, Mandi Strachota & the Major 7s will be returning to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. This is one of our favorite gigs as not only do you get to listen to some soulful music, you get to see the beauty that is the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. Music is from 5-8:30.

Atlanta Botanical Gardens Website


Finally, Friday, 6/30, Wasted Potential will be playing at the legendary Northside Tavern. If you don’t already know, well, you bout to learn today. Prepare yourselves for a good time. No seriously. Prepare yourself.

There’s also a ton of planning in the works for recording new music so again, get ready. I’ve got some stuff in the works and so does the brass band, so please make sure you follow us on all the social media so you don’t miss anything!

A small reminder that I bartend every Wednesday and Thursday (when I’m in town and sometimes other days too) at Bob & Harriet’s in Kirkwood. These owners are not only my friends, they are extra gratuitous in their treatment of employees and dedicated to serving a quality product. Mention this newsletter and I’ll buy you a drink. You’ll come back, I promise.

Also, I’m pretty full on petsitting clients but if you need someone hit me up. I love literally every doggo. LITERALLY EVERY SINGLE ONE. I’ll make it work if I can or recommend someone if I can’t.

Love y’all, and please, no matter what, even if it’s not me, SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC. We all really need it right now. Thanks so much for your continued support.