Hey folks! Sorry it took so long for me to get with y’all but September was kinda boring and I am still celebrating the ‘end’ of my birthday week! Here’s some news for October…

Tonight (Monday, October 5) I will be playing the first ‘official’ band gig at Nik’s Back Porch in Marietta with Landon Jordan, Paul Wagner, Adam Higgins and Adam Holliday. These guys have been doing a lot of work with me on my album and we are super excited about starting to play out together, especially since we can do some original tunes 😉 I know this is amazingly late notice for those of you who don’t follow me on facebook(which you should do by the way!) but if you can make it out I highly recommend it. We start playing at 10pm and will probably go until around 2. As is typical of Nik’s, you never know who will show up so the entertainment is always spectacular and they serve delicious late night food. Nik’s is located at 645 Whitlock Ave NW in Marietta, GA 30064. Check them out on the web at www.niksplace.com.

This Saturday I will be playing a private event for a special friend, but on Sunday, October 11, I will be returning to my local home base at The Place Bar & Grill in Marietta. The Place is always a good time, partying hard on Friday and Saturday nights so on Sundays we like to keep it pretty chill. Good bar food, good tunes, good people. I will be playing a solo acoustic set from 7:30 – 11. I will be at The Place this coming Sunday on October 11 as well as the final Sunday of the month, October 25. The Place is located at 700 Sandy Plains Rd in Marietta, GA 30066 or you can find them online at www.theplacebargrill.com.

On Wednesday, October 21, the band and I will be making our in town debut for the Autumn Encore Festival at the Loft in Midtown. We are just one of many bands in the festival including Ghost In the Attic as well as several other local acts. The doors open at 6pm although I will not know our time slot for a few days, but we will be playing a 30 minute set of all original music. We would really like your support in this as we are trying to gain ground and gain a name for ourselves, so please save the date and try to make it out! Tickets are $10 in advance and we actually only get to see the money if you buy directly from us, so if you are interested please contact me at strachotamandi@gmail.com.

Other than that, we are still working hard in the studio and ending the final stages of recording before we head to the mixing and mastering stage. I know I have said it before, but I could not be more excited about this project! Please come out and see me this month so we can talk more about it and you can meet some of the people I have been working with!


See you soon!