Hey everyone! Ready for your November update? I’ve got lots of stuff going on this month so I expect to see you…

This Friday, Nov 7, I will be playing at Jekyll Brewing Co in Alpharetta. I haven’t had the chance to visit the actual brewery yet, but I have tried a few of their beers and I am very excited! You all know how I feel about supporting local businesses so let’s show this local brewery some love! Show is from 7-9. Jekyll is located at 2855 Marconi Drive, Ste 350 in Alpharetta, GA 30005. Find out more about Jekyll at jekyllbrewing.com

On Saturday, Nov 8, I will be joining some very talented musicians at Java Monkey in Decatur, GA. I will be opening for Blackfoot Daisy and Boo Reefa. I have not had the opportunity to see Boo Reefa yet, so I am very excited about this! Blackfoot Daisy as well as Boo Reefa are local songwriting acts with some very interesting tunes to share, great acoustic vibes and fantastic harmonies. I start promptly at 8 so get there on time to see my set and stick around to learn some new music! Java Monkey is located at 425 Church St in Decatur, GA 30030. You can contact them at (404) 378-5002 or find out more at www.javamonkeydecatur.com
To find out more about Blackfoot Daisy visit www.blackfootdaisymusic.com
To find out more about Boo Reefa check out www.facebook.com/BooReefaMusic

Monday, Nov 10, I will be participating in the Tin Roof Acoustic Showdown hosted by Ian Schumacher. For those of you that have not attended this event yet, WHY?! For real, Ian is amazing and he has a way of recruiting some really awesome songwriters. Plus he puts all our stuff on set.fm. This means that even you out of towners can listen to any of the sets online immediately after the artist is done playing. But for you locals, I need you to come down and check it out! Not only is it a night full of extremely talented artists, but I can win money and a chance at a LOT of good stuff if I make the finals. How do I do this? I can get voted the winner by the other artists, but there is also a crowd vote. That means you! Only you can’t absentee ballot this vote. Show starts at 9:30 and my 15 minute set starts at 11:45. This time is slightly flexible, so please don’t show up at 11:44 as you might miss me! (and all the other amazing people that have been playing all night…) Voting is at 12:30. Tin Roof is located at 2591 Briarcliff Rd NE in Atlanta, GA 30329 (404) 329-4700. You can find them online at tinroofcantina.com

On Saturday, Nov 15, I will be returning to Hottie Hawgs in Atlanta. For those of you who missed my first appearance there, you seriously missed out on a ton of fun. Hottie Hawgs has delicious BBQ and a great staff, as well as a down to earth owner dedicated to supporting local music. Show starts at 7. Hottie Hawgs is located at 2061 Main St NW in Atlanta, GA 30318. They can be reached at (404) 794-5224 or you can look them up online at hottiehawgsbbq.com

Sunday, Nov 16 I will be playing at The Place Bar & Grill in Marietta. I really don’t have a lot of words for this place, you just have to experience it yourself. Mandi? Playing on a Sunday, you say? I know it’s weird, and honestly my game was originally at 1 and has been flexed to 4…. so…. That being said, The Place has a ton of TVs so you can watch and listen! This is right in my backyard so I am fully expecting all of my local Marietta friends to turn it out. For real, you know who you are…. The Place has good pub food and an awesome staff! (for real, my favorite bartender has driven me home more than once…) So please come out and show your love for my first time playing at this venue. Show starts at 7:30. The Place is located at 700 Sandy Plains Rd in Marietta, GA 30066 (770) 427-9060. You can look them up online at theplacebargrill.com

Then Sunday Nov 30 —— what, Sunday again? During my game again? I’m just trying to show y’all how dedicated I am to this music thing. I will be back at The Wrecking Bar Brewpub in Little Five Points. This pub is in the basement of an old Victorian mansion and has a fantastic atmosphere, as well as super tasty brews and the high quality food you would expect to associate with a brewpub. Again, supporting local brewpubs IMO goes hand in hand with supporting local music. WIN WIN. Unfortunately, there are no TVs (which is actually great so you can pay attention to Yay! ME!) so let’s cross our fingers GB is flexed to the night game. You know you won’t wanna cook after Thanksgiving week, you’ll be tired of leftovers, and you’ll need an excuse to leave your family (or bring them along! family friendly!) Show starts at 6. The Wrecking Bar is located at 292 Moreland Ave NE in Atlanta, GA 30307 (404)221-2600. Visit them online at www.wreckingbarbrewpub.com

That’s a lot of news! And lots of shows for you to come out and support your girl!
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