Hey y’all! Just checking in to let you know where you can find me in the coming weeks. It’s finally (already) August, which means I’m back at my home base at Doc’s every Thursday evening this month. I cannot express to you how much I love this place. It truly feels like home. Even though some of the faces change, there are always a ton of my favorite people in the house. And I get to play a bunch of my favorite soul songs. Great late night food options and always an entertaining time. Doc’s is located at 2621 Cumberland Blvd in Smyrna right across from the Battery. Music is from 7-10. Doc’s Website

Saturday, 8/18, I’ll be at another of my homes away from home, Northside Tavern. This will just be me with the acoustic in an early show from 6-9. I’ve heard these early shows are pretty dynamic and well, it’s Northside freaking Tavern. You can listen to me serenade you with my songs while hanging out in the coolest dive in the country. Seriously, I have west coast testimony on that. And it’s early enough that you can make it back to Cobb County before your car turns into a pumpkin. OR you can hang out and watch the most brilliant Albert White, which is probably what I will be doing. So you can hang out with meeeee! See you there, 1058 Howell Mill Rd NW in Atlanta. Northside Tavern Website

Then Sunday, 8/19, I’ll be at my OTHER home away from home! There’s so many! But for real, I’m a lucky lady to love the venues I play. I’ll be playing another gospel show at Darwin’s in Sandy Springs. We play all types of spirituals, from traditional gospel to Willie Nelson to Taj Mahal to Stevie Wonder. It’s all about love and inspiration. This event is gaining traction, so make sure you come early to get a good seat! And bring your vocal cords so we can raise a joyous noise together! This is my only full band show this month, so if you wanna hear Chad Mason go off on keys or Daryl Dunn get wild with his sax or Jon Schwenke and his delicious backup vocals or the soulful stylings of Sylvester Ogletree on drums or the tasty flare of Tony Erice’s percussion… well, you get my drift. Darwin’s is located at 234 Hildebrand in Sandy Springs. Music is from 4-7. And for a special Sunday ‘offering’ there will be Chicken & Waffles. So… Darwin’s Website

Also, as a reminder, I will be at Darwin’s every Wednesday afternoon with Bytchcraft. Sometimes we play our originals, songs about the bartender, Bob Dylan, or silly TV show songs. And sometimes special guests show up. You never know what to expect. Last week there was a standup bass and there’s rumors of a clarinet in the future. But what’s certain is you get free music with your lunch. And probably squirrel references. Music is from 1-4.

That’s all for now. But be on the lookout for some amazing stuff happening very soon! Oh, and I’m on bandcamp now. So if you don’t have my stuff yet, go listen to it. Buy it. It’s cheap and good. I can’t help you more than that. I’m also on Spotify and I have a ton of music on my website. If you haven’t listened to Unleashed yet, your bad. Do it. Now. You’ve earned it.

Mandi Strachota on Bandcamp