“It is only after exploring and succeeding at risk-taking, that the confidence turns into freedom and limitlessness. In other words – being set free, is only the beginning.” – Mandi Strachota, regarding Unleashed

‘This album is open and honest – artists through the years have told their story in verse, in music and image. Mandi does all three with this album.’ – Amazon Review of Unleashed

‘The Atlanta artist brings outstanding vocals and a keen set of rhythms to Unleashed, sending a message extolling individualism in the midst of altruism, and an ever-present spirit of celebration in musical form’ – Gwendolyn Lewis

‘There are 13 songs on Unleashed, and all of them are strong and their own part of Strachota’s journey to set herself free. You will love her beautiful voice and appreciate the chance to share a little of both the darkness and the light Mandi chronicles for us here, knowing she triumphs in the end.’ -Rhetta Akamatsu

The official video for These Shoes is out now! Look for the upcoming album Unleashed to be released 9/24/17.

Whiskey In the Parking Lot’s long awaited release will be happening June 12, 2017!!! More details